Two of Trend Lab’s Changing Pad Covers are featured in BabyCenter Blog Post

10 changing pad covers that’ll make your nursery look nicer

When you have an infant you spend so much time stuck inside that you soon get sick of the same old walls, the same old curtains, the same old mirror with your same old face in it. Now’s not the time you want to splash out and buy new stuff. But something as small and cheap as a new changing pad cover can give your eyes something better to look at. The little bit of color becomes a small bright spot in the nursery, and makes you smile every time you change a diaper (i.e. many, many times a day).

Is it time to replace your pad with one of these alternatives?

1. Trend Lab Waverly Tres Chic: It’s like going on your honeymoon in Paris all over again! Um…no, it isn’t. But the pattern is adorably Parisian with vintage-y line drawings of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and pretty women in couture fashion who look like they just said “Ooh la la!” If you like the pattern, Trend Lab offers crib sheets, curtains, and a diaper holder in the same fabric.

5. Trend Lab Gigi: Send your nursery back to the Mad Men with this midcentury-cool pattern of circles and dots in a sophisticated color combination of yellow, black, brown, and green. Like the Tres Chic pad from Trend Lab, above, the Gigi pattern is also available in crib bedding, a diaper stacker, and curtains.

Trend Lab

Trend Lab