Trend Lab Cloth Diapers Frequently Asked Questions:

Why use cloth diapers?
First is the benefit of saving money!  In 2 ½ years, the typical baby uses 6,500 diapers costing approximately $2,000.  24 Trend Lab cloth diapers
and extra liners cost around $480, plus 2 ½ years of laundering at $180 per year equal $930. This is less than half the cost of disposable diapers
and cloth diapers can be used for multiple children to increase your cost savings.

Second is the benefit of lower environmental waste!  Cloth diapers reduce landfill waste. No one really knows how long it takes for disposable
diapers to decompose.  The Real Diaper Association indicates Americans throw away approximately 27.4 billion disposable diapers each year.  
Each baby wearing disposables adds approximately one ton of garbage to landfills.  

Third is eliminating your baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals such as dioxins, tribuyl-tin, and sodium polyacrylate, which can all be found in
disposable diapers.  

Additionally, studies show babies using cloth diapers potty train earlier!

What makes Trend Lab cloth diapers special?
Our one-size adjustable shells have significant adjustability with the set of three riser snaps.  Adjust the diaper to fit your baby as they grow.    No
Velcro to snag laundry, or come apart unexpectedly, or lose stickiness over time.  Liners snap into the front and not in the back which is more
comfortable when your baby is on their back.  

We are the first with gender specific liners available!
Blue liner for boys with more padding in the front
Pink liner for girls with more padding in the middle
White liner for all babies with equal padding throughout

What do I need to get started?
We recommend starting with –
24-36 All-in-Two diapers (all come with a liner inside)
12 extra liners/soaker pads (for nighttime and naptime)
1 diaper pail
1-2 wet totes (for carrying used diapers when away from home).

How do you use One-Size cloth diapers?
Our one-size cloth diapers adjust with snaps (no Velcro).  There are 3 rows of rise snaps for ultimate adjustability (newborn to toddler).  There is no
need to purchase multiple sizes as our diapers adjust to fit your growing baby.

Do cloth diapers leak?
We designed our cloth diapers so they shouldn’t leak.  Our outer shell features a waterproof outer lining to keep wetness in, with a soft fleece inner
lining to wick moisture away from your baby.  Leg and back openings are lined with fleece for comfort and elasticized to fit many different sizes and

What are the cost savings?
The cost savings are huge!  In 2 ½ years, the typical baby uses 6500 diapers costing approximately $2,000.  24 Trend Lab cloth diapers and extra
liners cost around $480, plus 2 years of laundering at $180 per year equals $840.  Cloth diapers can be used for multiple children increasing your
cost savings.  

You are literally throwing your money into the trash when you use disposable diapers.  Although cloth diapers are a significant investment up front,
buying diapers every week really adds up when a box costs $20 per week or over $1000 per year.  According to The Real Diaper Association, a
San Francisco based nonprofit that provides support and education to parents nationwide about reusable diapers, it costs approximately $1,600 to
outfit a child in disposable diapers for two years.  That estimate is conservative as other experts note the cost of disposable diapers can go beyond
$3,000 until a child is potty trained.

Will I be able to use the cloth diapers when I’m out and about?
Yes, just remember to bring a sealable waterproof wet bag to put dirty diapers in until you get home.

How do I wash my cloth diapers?
First, wash new cloth diapers to get them ready for use and for maximum absorbency.  Wash the inserts in hot water 4-5 times before the first use.  
Please note up to 10 washings may be required to reach maximum absorbency.  Tumble dry low or line dry.  

DO NOT USE fabric softeners, bleach, fabric whiteners or dryer sheets (they interfere with maximum absorbency).  

For daily use, wash the liners and shells within 2-3 days of becoming soiled.  Remove and flush any solids in the cloth diaper before laundering.  
Launder for the full cycle in hot water with 1/4-1/2 the amount of recommended detergent (fragrance free detergent is best).  

Insert/soaker pad can be tumbled dry on low or line dry.  The outer shell should only be line dried to extend the life of the diaper.  Launder again if
odors remain, as odors may indicate the diaper is harboring bacteria.  Diaper creams can clog the absorbent microfiber; however, there are some
creams that are cloth diaper approved.  Please read the cream directions closely.  

The cloth diaper does not need to be dunked in water prior to washing.  Simply throw a used diaper into the reusable wet bag and launder them
when you can – within 2-3 days please.  

Thank you for considering Trend Lab’s cloth diapers.  

Please contact our customer service team with any further questions - toll free 866-873-6352.  

Source: The Real Diaper Association
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